For our stereo systems we use the best suitable components, made by globally recognized manufacturers from various countries. In most cases we represent them in Lithuania and sometimes in other Baltic countries too. We are always ready, if requested, to share our exclusive resources with other dealers and we don’t mind using stuff from other distributors, when it enable us to better satisfy the needs and desires of our clients.



Ultimate Environmental Acoustics Correctors and Laudpeakers
The Enjoyment of Music is the heart of every audio component – cables, powerChords, power conditioners, and loudspeakers – that Aiudience team make. Audience is a leader and trend setter in its unique approach to product design, execution and craftsmanship.
Audio Analogue's aim is to conceive a special quality of sound through deep knowledge of audio technology. The ultimate objective of the research is to provide the real pleasure that listening to a state-of-the-art audio system can bring.
Audiomica Laboratory boasts six lines of cables designed for audio-video purposes, ranging from low-end through hi-fi to high-end
Network music player, streamers and servers - high-quality audio products for music lovers who want to enjoy operational convenience, simplicity and excellent sound quality. Feel the perfect sound with the Reference Music Servers.
Born from impatience with unjustified hi-fi hyperbole, AVID invested in two decades of developing a range of genuinely innovative engineering solutions to solve some of hi-fi’s enduring challenges.
Clearaudio has amazed music lovers in more than 80 countries worldwide with analogue playback devices that set new standards of audio reproduction and constantly raise the bar a little higher.
Gauder Akustik speakers High End musical loudspeakers are designed, developed and manufactured with extreme care, fantasy and sophistication.
Turntables, cartridges, phono stages, digital sources and amplifiers - Italian music experience - design and handmade with passion
ISOL-8 - world leaders in Performance Power Conditioning and distribution equipment for hi-fi and audio visual systems. ISOL-8 offer a wide range of products so you can benefit from the optimum solution for your system power supply.
Marten believe ‘high fidelity’ should mean precisely that – reproducing sound strictly as it was recorded, without colouring or distorting it with false softness, warmth or fullness. Company goal is to reproduce reality, as closely as possible and reproduce it in a real living space.
Mastersound philosophy is to produce amplifiers which arouse emotions in the listeners, every piece of music should arouse exactly the emotions the artist who composed it and the performer who played wanted to convey.
New Audio Frontiers was born from the love of music and from the wish to recreate its magic through a natural and exiting sound reproduction. Company concentrate its efforts in the area of vacuum tube amplifiers and cables.
Perreaux is a New Zealand based manufacturer of state-of-the-art hi fi audio amplifiers, from RIAA stages to power monoblocks, hand-made with individually selected components by highly-skilled technicians. Perreaux is the first choice of discerning listeners world-wide.
"Omniray Technology" open a new window into the world of musical reproduction, an exclusive patent of Zingali Acoustics. The sound image and the timbre of all musical instruments are reproduced in a correct and realistic way, able to reconstruct to perfection all the orchestral backdrop, with extraordinary dynamics and a balance of all instruments.
Loudspeakers - the shape of sound in every curve
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